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Who are we?

PULSE was founded on the conviction that each of us can become a change-maker if given the opportunity. Since 2006, the mission of our non-profit organisation is to lead positive change in all regions to create pathways towards entrepreneurship as a lever for inclusive and sustainable development.

We concretely create favourable conditions to foster the emergence of civil society and entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide, through our programs and awareness-raising activities.

In Africa and Europe , we develop support courses within our incubators and beyond, thanks to digitalized and travelling tracks. We also work with local organisations to strengthen their services to entrepreneurs.

Our initiatives have the power to change the world. Make it possible.

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Call for applications #Jëfimpact: Join the Jógjëf community by appliyng to the #Jëfimpact program!

Jógjëf released its second call for application for the #Jëfimpact program. A program dedicated to social entrepreneurs. It is open until February, 27th, 2022.

Find us in Africa and Europe
through our support programs and awareness-raising activities deployed by our incubators and our local offices.

Intervention areas

PULSE head office

Paris, France

PULSE develops support programs and awareness-raising actions towards positive and impactful project leaders worldwide.


Montreuil, France

Created in 2014, LE COMPTOIR – PULSE supports every year 20 committed and innovating projects during their take-off phase thanks to its incubation programs. The incubator helps entrepreneurs taking part into the entrepreneurship journey and contributes to the economic development in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris area) partnering with SOS GROUP.

PULSE Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

PULSE is active in Belgrade where its team coordinates RISE (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs), a regional program that aims to reconcile Western Balkans youth thanks to social entrepreneurship.


Tunis, Tunisia

Created in 2012, Lab’ess is one of PULSE’s incubator dedicated to the creation and sustainable development of SE actors to be the key to the socio-economic needs in Tunisia.


Casablanca, Morocco

Created in 2015, Bidaya is the social green-tech PULSE incubator in Morocco. Bidaya’s purpose is to contribute to the strengthening of support courses towards entrepreneurs with a social or environmental impactful project. The incubator hosts entrepreneurs in the seed phase, with a positive impact project.

Jóg Jëf

Ziguinchor, Senegal

Supported by the European Union’s delegation in Senegal, Jóg Jëf is an incubator that comes from the partnership between Futur Au Présent International, PULSE and Université Virtuelle du Sénégal aiming at welcoming and supporting young project holders with a social and environmental impact.


Cape Town, South Africa

Created in 2018, Oribi is a PULSE incubator providing programs for skills development, training and support of entrepreneurs. Its mission is to connect business opportunities between all actors of the ecosystem around values of inclusion, social and environmental impact.

PULSE head office
PULSE Belgrade
Jóg Jëf

Our mission:
accelerating impact entrepreneurship

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