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The incubation programme for entrepreneurs with social and/or solidarity projects in Ile-de-France 

Launched by PULSE#LaSaisonSolidaire is a 6-month incubation programme for entrepreneurs with projects that address one or more solidarity issues (promoting employment & inclusion, building a more inclusive society, strengthening social ties & civic engagement*). 

Coaching, training, mentoring, inspiration, personal development – the aim of #LaSaisonSolidaire is to offer participating entrepreneurs the best possible conditions for getting their impact projects off the ground and boosting them. 

This year, Groupe SOS, Europe’s leading social entrepreneurship group, is renewing its support for the #LaSaisonSolidaire programme. 

This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to benefit from contacts and develop partnerships with some of the Group’s 600 establishments working in the field of solidarity. 

#LaSaisonSolidaire is a regional programme in the Île-de-France region, particularly in the Seine-Saint-Denis area. It takes place at the PULSE incubator in Montreuil (93). 

This call for applications is open until 08 January 2023. Apply to be one of the 12 winning projects in this 3rd edition of the programme! 

The programme will start on 07 February 2023 and run for 6 months. 


*More details in the “Eligibility conditions” section. 

Programme content

8 individual follow-up sessions 

Each project is monitored by a PULSE impact entrepreneurship support manager at follow-up meetings held approximately every three weeks. The support manager helps the entrepreneurs to diagnose their situation and needs, identify solutions to their current challenges, draw up an action and monitoring plan, and direct them to the right people, etc. 

12 training courses and workshops 

A dozen training courses and workshops are organised at PULSE Montreuil for project leaders during the programme, on topics chosen with the winners according to their specific needs. These workshops cover topics such as entrepreneurship (business strategy, communication and webmarketing, access to finance, etc.), social inclusion and measuring social impact. They are given by PULSE teams or external speakers specialising in these issues. 

funding and privileged contacts

PULSE has a rich ecosystem. We offer incubatees numerous contacts with financiers, investors, partner companies and in particular with SOS Group establishments, which are key sources of partnerships and commercial outlets for the development of the entrepreneurs’ projects. 

access to a large coworking space 

Project leaders have unlimited access to 300m² of workspace at PULSE Montreuil, located on metro line 9 in Montreuil. They will have access to a coworking space, meeting rooms, relaxation areas and a fully equipped kitchen. A place to live and create right in the heart of Montreuil, alongside the PULSE teams! 

times for inspiration 

With our partners, the programme will be punctuated by inspirational pitches, round tables, testimonials, debates open to the public… As a winner of the #LaSaisonSolidaire incubation programme, you will also benefit from PULSE’s first-rate showcases as a means of raising your profile. 

mentoring relationships 

Incubatees benefit from the help and strategic advice of a mentor dedicated to their project. In addition, each incubatee can call on one or more mentors from time to time to address specific issues. 

Process of the call for applications

22/11 > 08/01/2023
submission of applications

webinar: online information session

selection panel

start of support

eligibility criteria

The projects selected will aim to respond to one of the following solidarity issues:

Contribute to professional integration, improve employability, support return to work, etc.

Supporting people in precarious or fragile situations, helping people with disabilities, the homeless, people from migrant backgrounds, helping to combat the isolation of our elderly, offering educational initiatives aimed at young people, etc.

Encourage the involvement of local associations, propose initiatives that promote mutual aid, intergenerational exchanges, neighbourhood links, etc.


Financial conditions: We ask you to contribute €500 per company and per quarter (for example, for a project run by two co-founders, the fee is €84 per month per person).

Conditions of commitment by the winners: Incubated winners are required to be involved in the programme, through their attendance and participation in the workshops and various modules offered by the incubator. Taken together, this represents around 2 days’ involvement per month for each incubatee.

Candidate conditions: The programme is open to anyone living in the Ile-de-France region, or wishing to develop their business there, and in particular: women, young people under 29, residents of priority neighbourhoods, jobseekers, recipients of minimum social benefits.




“Thanks to PULSE’s support, I was able to improve the structure of my project and move on to a new stage of development! I also loved the close-knit community we created within the class, which did me a huge amount of good during those 6 months.”



“#LaSaisonSolidaire comforted us in our first entrepreneurial steps by mapping out a clear path in the SSE universe. The quality of the support and meetings enabled us to make the right decisions to consolidate the foundations of our business.”



“A really cool place where you can meet really inspiring people who have impactful projects, and on top of that there’s an extraordinary team who give us great support with our projects.”



“#LaSaisonSolidaire means being supported by the incubator’s crack team, who are always attentive to our needs and challenges, and giving me access to lots of opportunities for my development.”


  • Benefit from a tailor-made programme delivered by experts in entrepreneurship and solidarity issues (PULSE & GROUPE SOS)
  • Assess the progress of your project and benefit from meetings with experts to get it off the ground!
  • For 6 months, experience an atmosphere of sharing within a group of 12 social impact projects!
  • Strengthen your network through structuring meetings, exchange ideas with inspiring personalities and join a community of entrepreneurs for change!

  • The support will take place at PULSE Montreuil (93), in particular for workshops, training sessions, inspirational events, meetings, etc.
  • All individual coaching and mentoring sessions can be conducted digitally.

To decide between the candidates, we have selected 4 criteria:

  • the ability of the impact entrepreneur to bring their project to fruition
  • the project’s potential for economic sustainability
  • the project’s potential for impact
  • availability and motivation to join the programme!

  • The winners of the programme are expected to be involved through their participation in the workshops and the various modules offered by PULSE, as well as taking part in the life of the class.
  • Taken together, this represents a commitment of 2 to 3 days per month for each participant.

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