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fonds parisien
pour l’innovation

The City of Paris and Bpifrance have signed an agreement to create the fonds parisien pour l’innovation (FPI) – Paris Innovation Fund. This initiative aims to support innovative projects with an impact, replacing the Paris Innovation Amorçage Fund (PIA). This initiative reflects the city’s desire to provide greater support for the social and ecological transition.

Le Fonds Parisien pour l’Innovation is a grant intended for economic players based in Paris or with a branch in Paris who are carrying out innovative projects with an impact.

This financial aid can amount to up to €30,000 and is reserved for structures incubated in a « Fonds parisien pour l’innovation » accredited incubator.

The FPI thus encourages highly innovative projects, whether technological or not, and contributes to the entrepreneurial dynamic in Paris by supporting local economic players.

Do you run a company or association with a strong innovative character and impact, and are you looking for funding and support?

PULSE France would be delighted to support you during the FPIxPULSE programme!

Aims of the programme

Supporting Innovation

The programme aims to support innovative companies by financing research, development and innovation projects in various economic sectors.

Stimulating growth

By providing finance tailored to the needs of businesses, the REIT aims to stimulate their growth and promote their expansion on national and international markets.

Creating jobs

By encouraging business growth, the programme contributes to job creation in the Paris region and strengthens the local economic fabric.

Boosting competitiveness

By investing in innovative projects, the FPI aims to strengthen the region’s overall competitiveness by encouraging the emergence of companies that are leaders in their field.

Why should you apply?

Benefit from 12 months’ support, including one-to-one coaching, themed workshops, events, webinars, etc.

Benefit from support in consolidating and submitting your financing application for up to €30,000.

The benefits of the FPI Programme

  • Professional support.
  • Resources and infrastructure.
  • Network and partnerships.
  • Commitments by successful applicants: compliance with the programme conditions.

Eligibility criteria

  • The project must be highly innovative and have an impact.
  • Have been registered for less than 3 years.
  • Have a head office in Paris or the Paris region with a secondary establishment in Paris.
  • Have a minimum of €16,000 in equity or quasi-equity and €1,000 in share capital.
  • Not have received a grant from the BPI in the last 12 months.

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