A programme operated by ORIBI


The ORIBI Girls in Business programme inspires girls to become innovative women who will lead and change the world.

Girls in Business is a three-stage innovation programme designed to help young girls identify issues in their communities that they are passionate about, come up with innovative ideas and create business opportunities. It raises awareness among more than 300 young girls from underserved communities in the city’s secondary schools and equips them with skills to create social enterprises.

A three-stage programme

FIRST STAGE – Innovation Bootcamp

A full day of activities with 100 girls to explore problems and imagine possible solutions.

SECOND STAGE – Design Sprint

5 projects, 25 girls, selected for mentoring and coaching to transform the idea into a minimum viable solution.

THIRD STAGE – Company creation

2 to 5 projects awarded a start-up prize to transform their solution into an operational social enterprise.