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Regional study on social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans

As part of the RISE (Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs) project, a regional study on social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans was published in 2020. Developed and produced by two researchers, Teo Petricevic and Jelena Andjelic, and coordinated by the RISE consortium, the document provides the most recent, relevant and concise information on the current state of social and youth entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans. The paper focuses on legislation, education systems, financial and non-financial support structures, networking structures and new markets for social enterprises in the region.

The full document is available in English.

The social/solidarity-based economy: a catalyst for social innovation in Africa?

This report, published by the ILO in September 2022, illustrates and characterises the social innovation processes carried out by social and solidarity economy organisations (SSEOs) in five African countries (Cameroon, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia). By analysing practical cases of social innovation, it explores the extent to which SSEOs are helping to generate social innovation in Africa for more sustainable and inclusive local development, and for the creation and promotion of decent work for all. The report highlights the internal and external factors that have an impact on SSEOs in their social innovation process and presents a series of policy recommendations to unleash the potential of SSEOs as a catalyst for social innovation in Africa.

This report was produced with the support of PULSE, Lab’ess and ORIBI.

It is available in French and English.


Considering that in order to better fulfil our social vocation, we also needed to seek to improve the SSE ecosystem as a whole, focusing in particular on the shortcomings identified and the solutions we believe in, PULSE launched its first advocacy campaign in 2022.